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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios

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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios

The Cathedrals....

I would not dare say how many radios are in my collection.

(My wife may someday find this site ;-) I have more to display.

Hover your pointer over any image to display a model and year.

Click on any image for schematics and technical data.

1932 Philco Model 80 Cathedral

My very first restoration. It Plays Great! Restoration challenge was learning about oscillation controls on a super heterodyne set.

1935 Philco Model 84 Cathedral (Late Version)

This is the first set I ever acquired that works and works well! It is complete and original. I am tempted to insure the electrical integrity, rejuvenate the finish, install a period cord/plug and just enjoy it!

1936 Philco Model 84B (Late Version) Id. by Ron Ramirez

This is the second set I have ever acquired that works and works well! It is complete, original, but "refinished" with tong oil. At a minimum the finish will need to be "restored", the electronics verified, and a period cord/plug installed.

1934 Philco Model 84 Cathedral

What an elusive restoration this one was. Turned out to be the oscillator coil open. This is now one of my best performing 4-tube sets!

1930 Philco Model 20 Deluxe Baby Grand Cathedral

The model that started the Philco cathedrals. Purchased as working, it did not! Simple electronics but required extensive rebuilding both electrically and cosmetically. A beautiful set!