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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios

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Current Restoration - Disassembly
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No bench instruments yet; just observations

Last seen at the Philco factory in 1931
Philco Model 50
(On further review, perhaps not)

Chassis Bottom View
Philco Model 50

Chassis Left View
Philco Model 50
See the green label (Sprague)? Not a factory capacitor

A Philco Oddity - A Filter Condenser Block
Philco Part Number  03459 and 03455
a.k.a. a box full, in this case, of 5 capacitors

A Philco Delight - Bakelite Housed Capacitors
Philco Model 50
Actually, I like restoring them!

Chassis Right View
Philco Model 50

See the two electrolytic capacitors (top left)?
Philco Model 50
"Mr. Green Label" has no connections?

In general, pretty sound! No rodent, lightning or other surge, acid, or water damage evident; none of which are unusual.


Of course, all capacitors are to be replaced and resistors checked/replaced.


The first mystery is that disconnected electrolytic. The parts list specifies it is a multi-part capacitor?


Tube testing will be next.


See the Progress Page for next steps!