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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios


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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios

"Who's on First" is the theme of this page! (The way I communicate issues to my mentors sounds a bit like the skit from time-to-time.)


This page is to display images and descriptions of specific problems with my current restoration.

This Question Regards a
Philco Model 50
  • Question relates to the middle tube (see below) a 24 - 2nd RF.
  • The filament does not "light" at all. It's neighbors, the 24a's, do.
  • The tube is also a globe verses a shoulder tube and is marked as a 24 verses the other two marked as 24a.

Second RF Tube
Philco Model 50
(middle tube)

Now the Question:


Should this tube behave like its neighbors (light)?


Thanks All!


(UPDATE: Yes the tube should light, it does not, it has been replaced (see Progress)

Finally the "Light" Comes On