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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios

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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios

1931 Philco Model 50 Cathedral

Thank you for visiting.

A new restoration has begun!


This set was introduced into the Philco line in October of 1931, in the midst of The Great Depression. The model 50 was positioned as a more economical set selling at about $30 compared to the higher-end sets such as the model 70 which retailed for $50 and the model 90 at $70.


In 1931 Philco approached the million sets per year mark and was among rare company for any industry that year; it generated a profit.


Circuit Type: Screen Grid TRF

Frequency Coverage: 550-1500 kc

Power: AC; 115 volts, 50-60 cycles

Tubes: 5 (three 24s, one 47, one 80)

Controls: 3; Tuning, Off-On, Volume

Model 50 Front View

On the bench attached to the variac.

Model 50 Schematic

Model 50 Schematic.

Model 50 Back View

The chassis view.

Model 50 Parts List

Model 50 Parts List.


The cabinet is sound with one small break in the veneer on the back top ridge. The grille cloth is torn but all the hardware is original and sound including the escutcheon, knobs, dial, plug, and tube shields.



The analysis has not yet begun, outside of a gradual power-up on the variac. The set produces the anticipated “60 cycle hum” with no reception and the dial lamp illuminates. The speaker also appears to be intact.


Disassembly is the next step (click here).