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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios

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Gallery of Favorites
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Some of my other favorites....

Hover your pointer over any picture to display a model and year.

Click on the photos for vintage schematics and technical data on most sets.

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1936 Model 610 Shouldered Tombstone (now owned by a friend)

Very sensitive set. Restoration challenge was deciphering a previously botched electrical restoration. Could not follow the factory schematics.

1935 Philco Model 66b Tabletop

A daily player. The cabinet was the issue here. Two different stains and black lacquer trim. A lot of masking and layering.

1953 Telefunken Gavottee 7 Tabletop (No Specs.)

This 5 band West German beauty needed NOTHING! A bit outside my collection but...heck, IT HAS A TUNING EYE ;-)

1935 Philco Model 57 Mini-Tombstone

A strong player. Restoration challenge was diagnosing/fixing the "pot." (on/off switch) that is also critical to the antenna.

1943 Silvertone Model 6051 Tabletop

A strong and resonate player. Simple restoration replacing all capacitors, resistors, dial cord, and lamp. ALL original!

1941 Ward's Airline Model 94BR-1525

My first radio! (See what $20 started!) The classic "American Five". New resistors and capacitors plus a new dial scale. I would not trade the whole collection for her!

Philco 39-19

A Philco Model 39-19 restored for a friend. A simple recap and she played. (did other stuff, too including repair of severe water damage on top of the cabinet)