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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios
Current Restoration


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Philco Model 20 (front view)

The Philco Model 20 Deluxe Cathedral was introduced in August of 1930 at a price of $49.50 "less the tubes". The "Baby Grand" is a seven tube TRF (tuned radio frequency) set powering an eight-inch electrodynamic speaker with a frequency coverage of 550 to 1500 kilohertz. It was acquired through an auction as "working", it does not, but it will!

Philco Model 20 (side view)

The birds eye maple and fluted columns distinguish this model
as the "Deluxe" model 20.

The main problem with the cabinet is the grill is broken.
I will probably order a new grill from a gentleman who
actually produces replacement cabinet parts for Philco
cathedrals (America, WHAT A COUNTRY!).

Philco Model 20 - (rear view)

This, of course, is the rear view of the cabinet. The good news, the arch is in place and sound. This should make for an easier restoration and a sound cabinet structure.

Philco Model 20 Chassis (front view)

Front view of the chassis. Note the tube shield in place
on the right side of the chassis.

Philco Model 20 Chassis ( bird's eye view)

Obviously the bird's eye view of the chassis. Note the "push-pull" 71a tubes on the middle right.

The tube shield is removed to allow a view of the tube layout.

The chassis is in good condition with just a touch of corrosion. This will be removed and the area conditioned.

Philco Model 20 Chassis (underside view)

Thus far approximately twenty hours have been invested under the chassis. At this point we have clear but low reception. My kind mentor, Mr. Norm Leal (moderator on - see RELATED LINKS) and I have diagnosed two open RF coils and we have gone on a couple of "wild goose chases" (lead by me) relating to voltage issues. We are now trying to diagnose/fix reception at the 2nd RF stage.

All capacitors have been rebuilt and replaced with modern high voltage caps. This was a major issue, especially the condenser can (see bird's eye view - green rectangular can - upper middle position).

All resistors had drifted out of tolerance and have been replaced.

Only the necessary wiring has been replaced.

Please note the hyperlinks below for schematics, parts lists, and component values for the model 20.