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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios
Photo Gallery


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I would not dare say how many radios are in my collection. (My wife may someday find this site! ;-)
I have more to display.
Hovering your mouse pointer over any picture will display a model and year identification.
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Philco Model 80 Cathedral (1932)

My very first restoration. Plays Great! Restoration challenge was learning about oscillation controls on a super heterodyne set.

Philco Model 57 (1935)

A strong player. Restoration challenge was diagnosing/fixing the "pot." (on/off switch) that is also critical to the antenna.

Philco Model 610 Tombstone (1936)

Very sensitive set. Restoration challenge was deciphering a previously botched electrical restoration. Could not follow the factory schematics.

Philco Model 84 Cathedral (1934)

What an elusive restoration this one was. Turned out to be the oscillator coil open, even after it measured good on the meter. Now, the best playing 4-tube set I have!

Philco Model 66B Tabletop (1935)

A daily player. The cabinet was the issue here. Two different stains and black lacquer trim. A lot of masking and layering.