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Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios
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This page is dedicated to displaying photos and text of areas that I need help or technical advice.
(This area will change OFTEN)

Philco Model 20 Chassis (detector section)

After several episodes of stupidity I discovered that both the second and third R.F. transformer coils were open. After rewinding both, and achieving the desired voltage, I am down to improving the voltage of pin #2 of the detector tube.

Pin #2 is connected to dual can condenser #14 which is a dual .25 mfd by-pass condenser. I rebuilt this (and all condensers) with .25 mfd 630-volt caps. I am hoping I fouled the job and reworking the cap will yield the voltage necessary for "life" a.k.a. reception!

We decided to cut to the chase and wire a connection from the BC resistor to pin #2 with a 270k resister in series. This brought the pin #2 voltage to about 15 volts.

After attaching the antenna wire directly to the top connection of the detector tube (24a) we now have clear but low volume reception! We now are working our way through the remaining stages.

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